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The Harry Potter Dance Experiment

the sound of young hogsmeade

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To be played at maximum volume...

Remus watched happily as Tonks danced for him, swaying her hips seductively and pulling her short leather skirt tight over her arse. She quivered as the guitar kicked in, her stomach muscles tensing pleasingly.
'Don't you just love that filthy wah sound?' she asked over the record. 'It makes me feel so...dirty.'
He pulled her to him, bending her over his lap.
'Dirty, yeah?'
Tonks looked up at him, biting her lip prettily. She writhed in his grip.
Remus laughed, 'Who is it, anyway?'
'Oh, it's Stubby Boardman, his solo stuff.'
The smile died on Lupin's face. The song was over.

The Harry Potter Dance Experiment is a community devoted to exploring the sound and the fury of J. K. Rowling's wizarding world. Please join us in discussing such things as beats, bogarts, Dumbledore, and the death of disco.

Areas of interest include:

-Speculation as to the role of music in the Harry Potter universe. Who dances to disco but doesn't like rock? Who knows better than to just wear his vinyl? What song makes Fluffy get down and dirty?

-The exchange of Harry Potter inspired mix lists. What are listening to when you dream of Pansy Parkinson? Show us your Book V mix tape! You know you have one.

-Post and share your music driven Harry Potter fanfic. Show us what you got, baby! I want to see those Slytherins doing it on the downbeat. To learn more about posting fics, look here.

Now, close your eyes and put your headphones on. Things are about to get loud...