trancebaby (trancebaby) wrote in weirdsisters,

New here, I love the fics that have been posted so I thought I would try one of mine. Its still a WIP but here it goes, this was actually written when i was listening to Paul van dyk, but i might be changing the artist

Title: Music High

Author: TranceBaby

Rating: Unknown as of Yet

Summary: Hermione’s Experiences in the Rave Scene

The pounding base could be heard everywhere, hundreds were gathering for the most explosive party of the year. It was her first time going to one, but Harry and Ron had gotten into the rave scene their fifth year, and finally with Voldemort finally gone it was truly time for them to let loose. They had found hundreds of parties all over London, and during their first rave they had found themselves.

Ron and Harry had made their relationship finally known, but Hermione felt as if she was the third wheel, the music was her only release now. The beats flowing through her, and the random people to dance with had been delightfully sinful. She loved the attention she received from the dancers. Taking hits of E and grinding with both males and females made her feel loved, something that she had never felt before. This was the way to finally be free, not the bookish girl from Hogwarts but a free independent woman. She made her way to the front of the stage watching through her ecstasy induced mind at the DJ , she could barley see him, the smoke and the hands that were caressing her body made everything tingle, her eyes became heavy with lust as she watched the DJ, imagining what his hands would be like against her.

The DJ hand his hands against his earphones, swaying along with the music every so often looking into the crowd. He could only see the front row clearly, the farther back rows only when the were illuminated by the strobe lights. One girl had stuck out to him. She wore only a bra and skirt, her creamy white skin covered in a fine layer of fishnet, her hair tousled, with eyes wild like fire. She was dancing with a male, who hadn’t been worshiping her body like it should have, he was sloppy and his hands grasped her with intensity, but she was too far gone, her lovely mouth had slowly started to suck the pacifier in her mouth as her hands found themselves in his hair.

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